Sunday, July 23, 2006

From Argentina

"Papa D" studying for his Sunday message. (he likes this picture-- makes him look holy. ;D)

Nico, the little guy I homeschooled. His mom lived down the street, and he basically lived in the street... He looks so sweet here, though. Sometimes, no matter how much I loved him, I wanted to scream "Ay, demonio!" But he really just needs a lot of love. And the fear of God.

Donells walking down towards the village (Carlos Paz) from our home on Rivadavia

I love this picture of Don & Amy! The way she's looking at him while he talks is just so typical... (That's mate-- pronounced MAH-teh-- they're drinking)

Ianito, with a medialuna (that means "half-moon"...ummm...medialunas...sweet and light) Ams, remember the time we had those at the Obelisco in Buenos Aires, with Elizabeth Sarratt-Miller?

Mis libros.

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AE said...

yeah... i do remember those medialunas... more i guess i remember that trip...that was so much fun!
good pics babe! you should post your ones of your jeans on the clothes line with the daisy in the pocket! my mom loves those! they make it onto the walls of the apartment for decoration!