Sunday, April 24, 2011

Resurrection Sunday Finery

Mommy put up more pictures here.  And yet more to come, especially of me finding eggs!

Easter Basket

Mama Szrama here-- This year we decided to start our own Easter traditions, since it's the first year E is actually old enough to care (at least a little bit). We decided to do a yearly Easter basket, with a new dress, new white dress shoes and a Christian book (or CD). No candy or toys, but things that would make the day special, and hopefully point them to Christ. We also wanted to capitalize on egg traditions, because eggs are such a great symbol of the resurrection as well as new life. Eowyn & I decorated eggs (oh that was an adventure), and we went to friends' who had a little Easter egg hunt. Next year we'll add in the Resurrection eggs (I may adapt it into an "Advent"-style calendar through Lent as well as Easter Story cookies. We really want to make this a big deal of a holiday, not about a bunny or sweets or even spring time, but about Christ's victory over the grave!!

So Eowyn received her shoes, dress and book- this year The Big Picture Story Bible(I'm super excited that it also included a CD recording of the whole book!)- as well as a purse from her great-grandparents and 2 Florida t-shirts from her Elder grandparents.

Thank you Grandma Joanna & Sabba Rob for the dress! And thank you G-Gma & G-Gpa Presley for the "puhse!"

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Eggs

From Capturing the Essence

From Capturing the Essence

From Capturing the Essence

From Capturing the Essence
Mrs. Christy came over with her 2 girls and a friend's daughter (all under the age of 7) and we dyed our eggs, then glittered them. It was fun and Mommy said she was "way less intimidated doing them with a friend," whatever that means.  I kept trying to smash two together but Mom didn't like that. She always cracks ours when she's making breakfast, so I don't understand. I also adored the glitter... but Mom wouldn't let me use nearly enough! Someday.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Running & Climbing & All Things Wild

You can't tell from these pictures, but I got my first band-aid on my knee today.  Mommy and I chilled on the Seminary Green and in the lounge of the HRC while Daddy showed Uncle Mike how to footnote a paper.  I got the better end of the deal.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Push. Ma-ga. Let's go!

When I woke up from my nap, Mommy mentioned going to see my friends Magnus & Gunnar.  I called out "Let's go!," went straight to the living room, climbed in my stroller (open from my walk this morning) and instructed "Push" the second Mommy popped into view.  When she asked me where I thought I was going, I made myself very clear:  Pa'k. Ma-ga.  (translation: Park. Magnus.)  I cried when Mommy tried to put me in the carseat instead-- I could see very clearly that there was NO MAGNUS in that car, and that the park was beckoning freedom the exact opposite direction.  She assured me we would see Magnus, so I allowed myself to be buckled in.  I kept reminding her of where we were going at every stop or turn.  Finally, we stopped the car and THERE HE WAS.  Oh yes, and Gu-ga (Gunnar) too. We ran all over the playground and our moms hardly got a chance to say a few words to each other.  Serves them right, keeping us waiting so long.

Friday, April 01, 2011

I Was Looking Up Through the Bottom...

I like looking up at Mama through the slide or going down in her lap.  Not so much going down by myself.

Park Fun with Friends

Aunt Val has a very nice camera, and she took some of these shots of me, Abby (almost 2), Noah (3) and Hannah (5) at our park.  (Now they seem to have disappeared.  I keep looking for them, especially Abby, but Mom just keeps saying "They went to Canada." Whatever that is.)