Monday, February 28, 2011

Eowyn at 16 Months

with Bo-Bo the Beloved

This dress was sewn by my mommy's great-grandmother (Mama Blanche) for her paternal grandmother (Mama Peggy)-- smocking done by Mama Peggy's aunt. It's in AMAZING shape! Everyone raves about how the blue "brings out my big blue eyes,"whatever that means.  I just had fun clip-clopping in my dress shoes at this art museum type place.  They didn't get me to stay still for long!

Photos done by aspiring photographer, Ashlea Davenport, at the Mellwood Art Center, Louisville KY.  See more here.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday Bash, Part 2: The Cake

Note: this cake was actually her second birthday cake experience, having first celebrated with Elijah & Tia Nicole/Uncle Colin's family in Cary 3 days previously... so the cake wasn't so exciting this time around on a happily fed tummy. Oh well, WE enjoyed the "cake." *I didn't feel the need to fill her tiny body with refined sugar and grains (since she'd never had them before), so this cake is coconut-based (coconut-banana), with coconut cream & honey icing (oh yum!). I tried it out on our care group back home before making it for our families, and they really enjoyed it so I felt a little more confident. :)

Eowyn's First Birthday

Long-overdue part one of three to come...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Pictures!

New Pictures have been added (in their appropriate chronological slot), so scroll down to see them! Mom finally got a computer that syncs with her iPhone (which is her only camera, since she accidentally left the family digital camera at Tia Nicole's), so pics & videos are easier to upload!

BBB Dance

While Mom & I were waiting out a torrential downpour with crazy winds (as I put it repeatedly, "agua") in Bed Bath & Beyond, I got my dance on (resumed after some maternal encouragement).  Who needs music to hear a song?

She Was So Little & Cute!

(Mama writing here) Just found this heretofore unpublished gem from our family trip/Daddy work trip to Copenhagen, Denmark (photo taken by Ryan on August 24th, 2010-- she was nearly exactly 11 months old).   I love how many aspects of Eowyn it captures:  her radiant-smile friendly personality, her former love for her "pe-pe" (chupete), her big baby blues, her funny habit of stepping on top of anything she can (books, boxes, purses, hats... we're working on it).

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Consignment Finds

Mom's haul:  3 all-wood puzzles (each $2 or $2.50), a set of wooden blocks ($2) in a wooden lidded box, and adorable pink-and-brown shoes ($2)! Success!  I also picked up several "the Story of (Composer)" CDs for $1 each, a brand-new $1 diaper cover, "The Very Quiet Cricket" Board book in mint condition, a Baby Einstein Color Poetry board book, and a still-with-original-packaging little boy's Melissa & Doug puzzle ($3) that a certain little friend of ours will be getting as a gift.  The only things that thwarted me were 2T training pants and a gear toy... but this was the first consignment sale of many so I'm not concerned!! :)

(pardon the poor pictures, as I couldn't see the screen of my iPhone as I took them...making it hard to tell exactly what I was taking a picture of...)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Swinging Beauty

It was finally warm enough to enjoy the park!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Mommy dressed me all in pink and red (and my purple boots she's so crazy about). She matched with me-- said we were Daddy's "Valentines." All I know is that Aunt Ashlea came over to read me skads of books while Mom & Dad went out. They seemed happy about it. I liked reading the books and I went to bed like a champ. I was so happy to see Mama when she came home, though. After she fed me and put me back in bed I just smiled at her and said very softly "Hi, Mama," and then went right back to sleep. Mama made me a book about all the people who love me, and how Jesus loves me even MORE! I like to look at all the pictures and I usually can tell who everyone is. I like names.

Monday, February 07, 2011

The Frozen Chosen

I love blueberries; especially out of the freezer.  I eat them, I sort them, feed them one by one to Mommy, I get my face and hands all blue!  Then I present them to Mommy to wipe clean, until next time.

I also pull off my socks then shout "oh no!" and laugh as Mom talks about how cold my feet will be.

Mom adds:  this treat was brought to you by OxyClean.