Monday, November 16, 2009

Flying Home

Our seasoned little traveler :)

She did pretty well! Cried on all 4 landings and 2 takeoffs but was very peaceful & smiley during the flights. On one flight I got her to suck her paci so her ears didn't pop, and another I took my knuckle out of her mouth thinking the ear poppage would be done... and it wasn't. She started crying the minute I took it out. Oops. She charmed everyone, though. One lady did a double-take, saying she thought she was a doll at first!! And I did NOT put that ticket in her mouth. She did that spontaneously as I took the picture, lol. She seemed to love the airports; her little eyes were huge and she was silent as I power-walked through them; she just looked out at all those people and lights from her little carrier. My precious papoose. :)

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