Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Saying Bye to the Halls

The Halls came down from Manitoba, Canada, for Andrew to go to seminary. Now they are heading back up north, this time to London, Ontario, where Andrew will be the pastor of a local church. Andrew & Melanie taught Children's Sunday School with us this past year, and took over for us this past term so Ryan & I could have our first break since being members at Immanuel. We got to take the parenting class with the Mark & Tania Gordon (before they left to pastor elsewhere, too!). Before we got to know Andrew & Melanie, though, we loved their two girls Noelle (8) & Ava (6) a LOT-- we know everyone's kids better than we know them in our church! :) They also really love Eowyn-- even Calvin (3) is very sweet with her. I went with Eowyn to say goodbye while they were packing up their truck, and everyone held Eowyn one last time. She cooperated very well, although by the time it was Calvin's turn she had lost her hat & her composure. :( He was very concerned!

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