Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Parisian Teething

Mom & Dad took me out in the wind and drizzle to go see some stupid cathedral named Notre Dame or something. I think they were hoping I'd be so bored that I'd fall asleep (it was my bedtime, and my stroller usually is quite acceptable as a bed for me), but just to show them who's boss, I stayed UP! I mean, my teeth are coming in, and they need to remember just how much that hurts! Mom buttoned me up in her coat and I couldn't help myself... that heartbeat next to my ear just hypnotized me right to sleep. Next thing I knew I was in my stroller, waking up in some cozy little cafe, and I could smell ICE CREAM! HAH like I was going to sleep through that! I grabbed for their spoons and they finally let me gnaw on an empty one. That cold felt soooo good on my sore gums! I liked Dad's finger, too. Nice and chewy.

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