Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy to See Daddy Again!

Asleep on the way over- and she pulled the toys onto herself

We had a day together as a family between our trips apart, company coming, and Ryan leaving again. We did a lot of cleaning, and spent the afternoon over in St. Matthews, eating at Chick Fil'A, walking around the mall, getting ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery (yum!), and perusing Half-Price Books until we absolutely HAD to leave. :) As usual, we got stopped by many people admiring our daughter...once we even had stopped just to look at her ourselves!

I love this little outfit, a gift from Grandpa Rob & Grandma Joanna-- I was afraid she wouldn't get to wear it much with the weather in the 80s like it was for a while, but we've had enough chilly and/or rainy days that she's getting some good use out of it after all! I'm so glad, because the blue and the brown together are my FAVORITE combination on her!! Brings out those enormous blue eyes of hers!

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