Friday, May 28, 2010

First Finger Food

Up until now Eowyn's just squished whatever food was in front of her, and then wanted her hands wiped clean. You may ask: she puts everything else in her mouth, why not food? I have no idea. She finally did experiment and enjoyed gnawing on this (steamed and soft) carrot piece. However, she kept choking mildly on the pieces... she hasn't quite mastered chewing. I put it in a Munchkin "Fresh Food Feeder" and she LOVED that, and I didn't have to keep checking to make sure she was breathing again.

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Iglesia Monte de Luz said...

Jillian loves her finger foods. In fact she´s gotten to the point where she won't accept anything on a spoon from you unless you put it on her trey first for her to "discover", squish between her fingers, and taste test. And then, if she likes it... she let you spoon it to her. But I've found that it's easier to just let her feed herself... some of it gets into her mouth! :)

XOXO for Eowyn!