Friday, December 24, 2010

Christina Jammies Year 2

(From the Mama Szrama: a tradition we'd like to have for our children is that they receive a new book & new pyjamas every Christmas Eve. So far, I've made Eowyn's from recycled clothing each year...we'll see how well I can keep that up as our little family grows. =D This year I made her a matching top & bottom from a pair of my own flannel PJ pants, which had steadily ripped up the bottom.

Here you can see the original pants, from Oct '09:)

And her reaction on Christmas Eve!! (Yay! Success! =D)

PS- I've sewn 2 drawstring bags (one largish, one smaller), which match her stocking, and these will house her Christmas Eve Jammies & book each year, cutting down on paper waste, and adding one more fun little tradition.


Sara said...

LOVE this! My nieces & nephew get new jammies on christmas eve, too ... love that tradition! Especially when you make them yourself!!! great job, christina!!!

Eowyn's Heir said...

Thanks, Sara! I am slowly getting more confident at going without a pattern... I used a pair of pants & sweater that fit her to be my "pattern." Someday I'll be to your caliber! :)