Thursday, February 17, 2011

Consignment Finds

Mom's haul:  3 all-wood puzzles (each $2 or $2.50), a set of wooden blocks ($2) in a wooden lidded box, and adorable pink-and-brown shoes ($2)! Success!  I also picked up several "the Story of (Composer)" CDs for $1 each, a brand-new $1 diaper cover, "The Very Quiet Cricket" Board book in mint condition, a Baby Einstein Color Poetry board book, and a still-with-original-packaging little boy's Melissa & Doug puzzle ($3) that a certain little friend of ours will be getting as a gift.  The only things that thwarted me were 2T training pants and a gear toy... but this was the first consignment sale of many so I'm not concerned!! :)

(pardon the poor pictures, as I couldn't see the screen of my iPhone as I took them...making it hard to tell exactly what I was taking a picture of...)

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