Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bath Night

Daddy & his clean baby girl Chubb-a-wub-Feetsies

Dancin' with Mama post-bath

See my new pyjamas?

Fuzzy Head

Today was our first Daddy-assisted bath. It turned out to be rather involved because the water the first time around got a little too poopy, then it took a while for her to like the water again after being out (I think it felt too hot to her at first). For a while there it looked like Daddy was never going to believe that she LIKES baths. Then she realized that she did after all, and was so engrossingly cute that we forgot to take pictures until she was a "Bath Gnome."
Looking at this pictures, it's hard to believe she is sick with a little cold- an unfortunate parting gift from her friends last week; runny nose, congestion and a nasty-sounding cough. She's being a real trooper -- fussy, yes, but coping very well overall!

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RoBanJo said...

chubbziez and fuzziez - oh how sweet. Means she must need a present from her left coast Grandma and Grandpa. Coming to a mail box near you (sent it Saturday). Love RoBanJo