Saturday, January 23, 2010

Psychedelic Hoodie Outfit

I took these of our princess in her nursery right after a diaper change. I love this outfit, and I love her nursery, now complete with a nautical changing table, rug and decor!!

I pulled out all the (3-)6 mos sized clothes earlier in the week, and am having such fun dressing her in all her "new" outfits! To my sadness, several outfits are already too small! Oh well, it's not like she's hurting for any cute or warm clothes. Thankfully the ones that were too small I was able to either extend with a onesie extender or comfort myself knowing that they were really summer clothes anyway. Maybe one day her sister will get to wear them.

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Lauren Nicole said...

um, please post pictures of the more complete nursery. Sincerely, the tia who is far away but NEEDS to see it!