Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Ryan & I were fraternal twins (see the matching brown sweaters over white, with jeans?)...we even had matching shoes.  And Eowyn was our M & M (if there's just one is it an 'M')?  We handed out a few treats at our door, then went to Hillcrest Ave, which is FAMOUS for its crazy Halloween decorations.  These guys go all out... orchestras in the front yard, paper mache, I mean it's nuts.  We didn't go to trick or treat, but to hang out in front of a friends house where they were doing Christian rap full of the Gospel.  We handed out some tracts and candy, and left near E's bedtime.  Maybe next year we'll plan something a bit more fellowship & food oriented, but that was all we did this year. :)  For someone who still isn't sure about this "holiday" I think it was quite enough.

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RoBanJo said...

You could have called yourselves Avram and Sarai!?! Heh! We want an "M".