Saturday, October 02, 2010

Triple the Sugar, Triple the Spice

Several other moms at our church delivered beautiful girlies within 2 weeks of me. One had her own b'day party, but we had a triple event with Eliana, Eowyn & Grace. It didn't bode well, with a cold front and rain, but the Lord answered prayer, lifting the rain PRECISELY at 5:00, which was when the party began. We even got a little sun, and the rain ensured we had a nice big picnic shelter at a local park all to ourselves!

Blowing it out, with a little help from the moms (each mom made a cake or bunch of cupcakes for her daughter, and these were all shared).  Eowyn had pumpkin-coconut spicecake!  She liked it.

pictures also by Jenni S., Natasha M. & Nate S.

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Ryan Szrama said...

hehe Grace's face never changes. : P