Saturday, March 13, 2010

Miss Mint

Eowyn's buddes Eleanor & Noah celebrated their first birthdays with a Candyland themed birthday party. Guests were invited to come dressed as their parents' favorite candies. We couldn't figure out how to do a peanut m&m or resee's peanut-butter cup costume without some serious work, so Eowyn went as "Miss Mint" (inspired by Candyland's Mr. Mint character). She was soooo stinkin' cute! We didn't get any pictures AT the party because our camera was dead (bad Mommy!), but we're hopeful that our friends with cameras will upload their pics to fb and we can get them that way! She had red & white sneakers on, and I got the bow to be perfectly on her head. She smiled and chewed on her fingers or grabbed her toes the whole party.
In other news, today she really has been into her tongue-- sticking it out a lot, waggling it, smiling with it poking out. Super cute, let me tell you. AND even more exciting, I got her to laugh!! 'Til now it's been at most a solitary chuckle. Today it was gurgling giggles! It started with me ticking her while on the phone-- I guess she wanted to prove to Aunt Val that she can laugh as good as Abby or something. Then later she was cracking herself up in her swing while I was eating dinner. I tried turning away and then whipping back to face her while saying "Boo!," which resulted in bursts of gurgles, consistent enough that I called Daddy down to hear them! I can't wait to have her laughing regularly!!!
I just held her to me today and was overwhelmed with gratitude for how precious she is.

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