Thursday, March 18, 2010

Showing Nina & GB Around Town

GB & Nina visited Mommy's Pre-K class today (GB's first time!). It was pretty enough to have a picnic outside for lunch! The kids tried to teach "Mr. Bart" a song or two, but he kept getting the words wrong. Then he showed them a clip of "Mrs. Szrama" from back when she was a little girl, and her name was "Christina T." THAT was funny! (The kids also tied Mr Bart's legs up with jumpropes and then couldn't undo them, but that's another story... we definitely discussed how we NEVER tie up our friends)

Nina, Mommy & Eowyn walked down 4th Street in the afternoon, stopping in at the Louisville Information Store, where we posed with Col. Sanders (KFC guy)

Eowyn is a fan of YUM! Foods, apparently...

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