Thursday, June 24, 2010

Commerce Little Guys

We are enjoying a company retreat of sorts in Denver, CO with the Eastern US branch of Ryan's company, Commerce Guys. Many of the other guys have brought their wives and infants, and we're really enjoying spending time together. The three little girls are Alaise (8 mos-- 1 month younger than ours), and Ellie (4 mos). It's SO fun to watch them interact-- they get so excited! Eowyn's the only mobile one, so I have to watch like a hawk to make sure she doesn't bowl the others over in her excitement. She also consistently calls baby Ellie "Eh-ee," which is perhaps her first word... She's started saying "Dah-dee" and "Ma-ma-ma" consistently the past few days, too, but we can't tell if she's using them to mean us or not.

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