Saturday, June 05, 2010

First Strawberry

We went strawberry picking at Joe Hubers Farm with our friends Laura G. & Phil M. (they're cute-ly dating =D). Babies technically shouldn't be fed strawberries until they're 12 mos for some reason, so we didn't try to feed her any, but Ryan & I decided that if she went for them, we wouldn't try to stop her. She actually was WAY more interested in the dandelions (Mommy fished one entire head out of her mouth and got puked on in thanks), the straw and the leaves. Finally, a few minutes before we left, she grabbed a berry and put it in her mouth. Daddy caught it on film and on camera (video to be uploaded soon). She really liked the juice, but didn't much like the berry itself... probably because she popped the green part in first. Silly girl.

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