Friday, June 04, 2010

Cute Lil Coffee Addict

One of those expressions you can't stop laughing at...

"Hey! I'm cute! SO what!?"

Note the coffee stain down her front... this from her grabbing my cruiser cup and gulping a little too greedily. She loves the stuff-- unsweetened and strong, with plenty of creamy milk. That's her mama's girl!

I LOVE this outfit on her! It's really too small... I just couldn't quite put it away. After today I will, I promise. I actually gave it as a baby gift to my cousin Sofia when she was born, and then it was handed down to Eowyn when Sofi outgrew it. Hehehhe I guess I'd better make sure I like all the outfits I give Sofie!

Eowyn can give "kisses" now! Yesterday was the first time she showed us she really knows what it means. I say in Spanish "Give me a kiss!" and she leans in, mouth wide open, then after she touches your cheek with her well-moistened mouth, she leans back and grins. And wants to do it again and again and again! Soooo precious!

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Iglesia Monte de Luz said...

isn't that great when they start to show real open expressions of love. I love hugs, kisses, head leaning on me.... it´s the greatest! Eowyn is growing so much!!! I can't believe how big she is!